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Searching for health revolution!

Hasta el miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

INNOLABS is searching for innovative ideas to revolutionize healthcare. If you are a SME, Entrepreneur or Start-up with an idea or solution related to mHealth, ageing population, or personalized healthcare...

Next May, Barcelona will become the European Health Capital. During the 2nd and 3rd of May, coinciding with Health2.0 and Healthio, first INNOLABS IDEAS CONTEST EVENT will take place.

The best three innovative ideas will win the Contest and receive cash prizes:

  • 17,500 €
  • 12,500 €
  • 6,000 €

If you belong to the ICT, Health, Bio or Medicine Sectors and you have an innovative idea that will revolutionize Health System, INNOLABS is aiming to make your idea come true.

At INNOLABS Open Calls we will support projects coming from cross-sectoral teams that should be constituted by two participants. Teams must be led by a SME based in the EU, together with another SME (extra points), start-up or other organization, like a service provider, patient association, etc.


  1. Prepare your INNOLABS Innovative Idea (Check pitch template).
  2. Get Registered in INNOLABS website 3 weeks to Submit your Innovative Idea.
  3. Rest & Wait our decision up to 100 selected SME's.
  4. Take part in all conferences and one-to-one meetings. 30 selected SME's for pitching announce.
  5. Pitch your best! Win one of our prizes.

DATES:  applies until 19th of April

For more information, check the Innolabs Ideas Contest website. 

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