State of Startup 2016

Publicado el miércoles, 07 de diciembre de 2016

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What's it like to be a startup founder in 2016? First Round surveyed 700+ leaders to find out.

Last year, we launched State of Startups to capture what it means to be an entrepreneur. We asked the leaders of venture-backed companies about everything from the fundraising environment to their working relationships with their co-founders to their office’s price per square foot. Hundreds of founders responded and more than a million people read the results.

This year, we aimed to refresh — and enhance — our in-depth snapshot of founders and startups across the entire tech ecosystem. We asked several of the same questions to track shifting sentiment and trends across years, but also delved into new areas such as how founders pick their lead investor and the perspectives they have on diversity and inclusion.

At First Round, we continue to learn from founders, whether it’s through the First Round Review, our many events or online forums. From August to September 2016, we gathered responses from over 700 founders (from inside and outside the First Round community), who generously shared their observations, opinions and experiences. Here's what they taught us.


An original document by First Round 

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