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Women Investors & Founders VLC Summit

el martes, 24 de noviembre de 2020 de 10:00 a 19:00

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Mujeres Inversoras y Fundadoras VLC _ Summit

Mujeres Inversoras y Fundadoras VLC _ Summit

LEADERS FOR CHANGE Inspiring, educating, and connecting global women investors & founders
About this Event
Women Investors & Founders VLc_ Summit is an online event for women who aspire to create, lead, and scale their startups by providing them with the necessary tools and connections with successful women investors and entrepreneurs they can draw their inspiration from. The one-day, virtual event will feature talks and panels with Social Nest Foundation partners.


  • 10:00 Workshop: Building a Startup [Spanish]
  • 11:00 Workshop: How to Build Your Seed Round Pitch Deck [Spanish]
  • 12:00 Workshop: Financial tips for building your startup [Spanish]
  • 16:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks [Spanish]
  • 16:05 Institutional opening [Spanish]
  • 16:10 Keynote [English]
  • 16:30 Why diversity in the startup ecosystem matters and what needs to be done [English]
  • 17:00 A Conversation With ... [English]
  • 17:30 Fundraising Advice for Female Founders [English]
  • 18:00 Female Founder Pitch [English]
  • 18:45 The Valencian venture capital landscape. [Spanish]
  • 19:10 Closing
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