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The Map of Entrepreneurship Entities and Services

Support for entrepreneurship, creation and growth of companies

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Mapa del Ecosistema de Emprendimiento

Mapa del Ecosistema de Emprendimiento


The Map of Entities and Services in support of entrepreneurship places on the map the set of Entities and Services that mainly, in the area of ​​the Comunitat Valenciana, support innovative entrepreneurship throughout the "Chain of Value", covering services ranging from motivation and creation of business vocations, to innovation, internationalization and business growth.


The map of the enterprise includes Entities that offer and provide services at least in one of the links of the "Value chain" of the innovative entrepreneurship sector.

The "Value Chain" has been structured and deployed in three links:

  • Motivation
  • Business creation and
  • Consolidation and growth of companies

At the same time, these areas of the value chain have been broken down into a total of 15 capacities:

  • Motivation
    • Dynamization
    • Idea / Project
  • Creation of companies
    • Business models
    • Marketing / Markets
    • Business Plan / Feasibility Analysis
    • Grants
    • Procedures (legal, labor and tax)
    • Financing
    • Industrial and intellectual property (Patents and Trademarks)
    • Infrastructures / Spaces available
  • Consolidation and growth
    • Financing
    • Internationalization
    • Grants
    • Innovation
    • Business management


The Entrepreneurship Map includes the different levels of services that may require a venture in the different stages of an entrepeneur’s project, ranging from the most superficial to the most intense level of advice, through:

  • Information
  • Orientation-Tools
  • Training
  • Advice
  • Expert Advice

Services that can be implemented and impart in person or in a virtual way through systems such as telephone, email or internet.


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