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Cleantech Camp 2020

Cleantech Camp

Cleantech Camp acceleration program, seeks new projects and startups to accelerate the energy transition in Europe

Hasta el domingo, 01 de marzo de 2020 a las 23:59

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Cleantech Camp 2020

Cleantech Camp 2020

The Cleantech Camp acceleration program is aimed at start-ups, business projects or unincorporated companies in the clean energy sector.  

Why participate?

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully launch a business project to the market.
  • Develop your own pilot financed by one of the Industry Partners or by EIT InnoEnergy.
  • Maximize the options to access public and private financing.
  • Analyze team competencies. Prepare a business plan and an investors pitch.
  • Networking with people from the sector, other entrepreneurs, investors, industry, etc.
  • Know the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Spain and Portugal related to clean energy projects.
  • International visibility of the project.
  • Meet relevant industry agents such as business angels, VC’s, potential clients and entrepreneurs and energy specialists.
  • Possibility of obtaining financing for a pilot test with the industrial and local partners of the program.
  • Access to the EIT InnoEnergy investment program.


The program will consist of 4 training weeks each differently and in a different location. The first will be digital, the second in Lisbon, the third in Barcelona and the last in Madrid.


1st prize • € 20,000 in cash. • 16 hours of work in conceptual analysis including technical and commercial guidance, as well as seeking public funding opportunities (provided by Ateknea).

2nd prize • € 5,000 cash + in kind

3rd prize • € 5,000 cash + in kind

Deadline for participant registrations: March 1, 2020


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