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EIC GHG Co-creation with Electrolux: Riding the winds of sustainable change

Cocreación Electrolux

Applications are open until 22 January 2022

Hasta el sábado, 22 de enero de 2022 a las 17:00


To take advantage of the unique collaborative experiences between EIC companies and large European organisations, while offering EIC companies the opportunity to co-create products and services.


In addition to a co-creation project with Electrolux:

  • Explore how solutions and capabilities can be sustainable.
  • Network and collaborate with Electrolux and like-minded innovators.
  • Create a market entry roadmap with Electrolux.
  • Work closely with partners on solutions that best fit the market.
  • Find potential partners and customers in the industry.
  • Gain access to EIC experts.


In terms of challenges, Electrolux is focused on finding solutions for the following themes:

Challenge 1: New oven solutions.

Challenge 2: Zero emission warehouse model.

Challenge 3: Solutions to reduce heating/cooling levels of operating sites.


Applications are open until 22 January 2022, and will be made via the website.

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