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The European Awards for Business Promotion

Comisión europea

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The European Awards for Business Promotion identify and recognize the actions and measures to promote entrepreneurship and the creation of companies developed in Europe that have been successful. Furthermore, these awards raise awareness of the role of companies and stimulate and inspire potential entrepreneurs.

There are six categories:

• Entrepreneurship Promotion Recognizes initiatives at the national, regional or local level that foster entrepreneurial thinking among youth and women.

• Investment in business training Recognizes initiatives at the national, regional or local level to improve business, management and employee skills.

• Improving the business environment Recognizes innovative policies at the national, regional or local level that promote the start-up and growth of companies, simplify the legislative and administrative procedures that companies must carry out and apply the principle of “Think first about small »in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises.

• Support for the internationalization of companies It recognizes the policies and initiatives that, at the national, regional or local level, encourage companies, and in particular small and medium-sized companies, to take better advantage of the opportunities offered by markets both inside and outside the European Union.

• Support for the development of green markets and resource efficiency. Recognizes policies and initiatives that, at the national, regional or local level, support SMEs to access green markets and help them improve their resource efficiency. for example, through the development of “green” qualifications and the search for contacts and financing.

• Responsible and inclusive business initiative Recognizes initiatives at the national, regional or local level that, managed by public authorities or by associations between the public and private sectors, promote social business responsibility among SMEs. This category will also recognize efforts to foster entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups, such as the unemployed, especially the long-term, legal immigrants, people with disabilities, or members of ethnic minorities.

The Grand Jury Prize may come from any of the categories and will be awarded to the participant with the entrepreneurial initiative considered to be the most creative and inspiring in Europe.

Therefore, if you are a local, regional or national authority, or a public-private association, from anywhere in the European Union or from countries associated with the COSME Program: o the United Kingdom and have worked on a project that has stimulating the economy at the national, regional, or local level, we encourage you to participate. There are two selection phases and participants can only qualify for the European Awards by exceeding the initial national selection. The final winners will be selected by a high-level jury, which will be announced at an awards ceremony to be held in November 2020.

For all the information about the awards: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/smes/support/enterprise-promotionawards/index_en.htm

For more information on national competitions, consult your national manager: María Muñoz Martínez Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism General Directorate for Industry and SMEs Paseo de la Castellana, 160 28071-Madrid Spain Tel: + 34 91 349 46 69/46 04 Email: [email protected]


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