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Rehabilitation of concrete foundations

rehabilitacion cimientos hormigón
Alphatec Engineering

Alphatec Engineering

Publicado el lunes, 11 de mayo de 2020 a las 14:14

The basic philosophy behind our approach to foundation repairs is to restore the integrity of the concrete block and to assure that it performs its functions as a vibration-damping device – the primary purpose of a foundation. Having identified the cracks and separations (Cold Joints), we design a repair procedure to resolve the cause or causes of the cracking, and not merely fill the cracks themselves.

The best way to ensure that the foundation is correctly connected to the machine is to use epoxy grout and good anchoring techniques.

The product must be used correctly!
Make sure the contractor using the product knows what he is doing. If in doubt, ask us to supervise the job, or handle the installation contract directly.

For more information contact Alphatec Engineering.

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