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Celtic Next Call 2021


This Call is a call for bottom-up projects we expect that Project Proposals in telecommunications and ICT

Hasta el lunes, 12 de abril de 2021 a las 23:59

CELTIC-NEXT stimulates and orchestrates international collaborative projects in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) domain. The CELTIC-NEXT programme includes a wide scope of ICT topics based on new high-performance communications networks supporting data-rich applications and advanced services, both in the ICT sector and across all vertical sectors.

CELTIC-NEXT is an industry-driven initiative, involving all the major ICT industry players as well as many SMEs, service providers, and research institutions.


Are open to any type of company, large industry, small companies, universities and research organisations, even to companies outside the EUREKA countries.


  • Are close to market and business needs.
  • Can be defined bottom-up, i.e. without the need to follow defined programme objectives. However they must cover ICT related research items.
  • Receive public funding, depending on the national funding rules, of up to 50%
  • Have a high success rate for labelling (typically 50-
  • 60% of submitted proposals will become a running project).
  • Have a low management overhead, and can be rather easily adjusted to new project situations.
  • Project consortia need to have at least two different partners from two different EUREKA countries (one must be a EUREKA Member Country and one a EUREKA Member Country or a EUREKA Associated Country).
  • Are typically between 1 M€ and up to more than 70 M€ in total project budget, and include from 2 to over 50 partners. Typical project duration is between 24 and 36 months.


  • For projects with participation from SWEDEN: To speed up the process the Swedish funding agency VINNOVA proposes an early feedback channel to speed up Funding decision after labeling. For this please fill in the EXTENDED ABSTRACT form and submit it to Mrs. Sanja Strömberg from VINNOVA before 10th of  March. You will receive feed-back before the Call deadline.
  • Latest Pitch Presentations are online. Please have a look at current proposal pitches and do not miss to contact the presenters if you think a project idea might be of interest for you.
  • To speed up the funding decision process, each project participant should contact their national funding agency early in the process, and follow their advice regarding national funding applications in parallel to the proposal submission.


  • You need to register the first time before you can submit your proposal.
  • Please follow the instructions in the Online Submission Tool, fill in the Webforms in the Tool and upload your Project Proposal in pdf.
  • You can update your Project Proposal any time until the deadline using your registered account.

Submission deadline: 12th April 2021

Before submitting your Project Proposal please check:

  1. Have you completed all required chapters in the Project Proposal Template (CPP)?
  2. Have you contacted all involved Public Authorities and followed their advice regarding national funding applications?
  3. Confirmation Letters (CLD forms) signed by all partners should be submitted to office(at)celticnext.eu. You can send it 4 weeks after the call deadline.

Call related documents and forms can be found here.


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